Patio Gardening

I love patio gardening. It helps take a space that looks like part of the house and showcases the best parts of being an outdoor space. It doesn’t matter if I plant flowers, vegetables, or herbs, a patio garden looks beautiful. I’m going to give you some more information as to why I love it so much and we’ll see if I haven’t convinced you by the end as well!

First, we’ll go with the most obvious. Let’s face it: containers are prettier than dirt. You can get very creative with them in different arrangements or stack them in all kinds of ways, and some containers are very beautiful just on their own. There are all kinds of sizes, shapes, and colors for you to choose from, too, making it easier for you to find something that will match the rest of your decor. Flowers in the ground lining a path look beautiful, but when you put beautiful flowers in a beautiful container, you have double the opportunity to make things super pretty. Sure, you can get colored mulch, but it’s still mulch. How is that prettier than a decorative container?

Second, containers travel. That’s good if you only live somewhere part time (say a summer home) or if you are a renter (then your plants can simply come with you the next time you move). If you live somewhere that gets too cold for certain plants over the course of the year, you can easily bring them indoors when there are frost warnings. It also helps if whatever you want to plant likes a certain amount of sun or shade, but your yard isn’t set up that way. You can easily move a container in and out of the sun as needed to keep your plants healthy.

Third, you’re not dependent on your soil. It’s much easier for me to put a hydrangea plant in a pot than it is for me to grow it in my yard. The nutrients in my yard’s soil can actually turn the blossoms to a different color! But when I use potter’s soil, I can get the right soil for each plant that I want to use around my yard without having to worry about what nature has already bestowed on me.

And then there’s probably my favorite part: patio gardening allows me to have plants in places where there is no natural soil: on a deck, on stone or even cement. By adding a container with some greenery, you can add a little pop of color – and nature – to your patio or other outdoor living space, regardless of whether it is enclosed or not.

So what do you think? Did I persuade you to get a container or two for your patio to bring some more of the ‘outdoors’ into your outdoor living space? Or are you the type that would just as soon pave over their whole lawn? Let me know in the comments!