Lighting Your Space

I live a very suburban life which means a lot of time outdoors. The weather year round is fairly nice except for one or two months. Before we put in a lovely string of lights around the patio trellis, overhead on the rafters, we always had to grab a flashlight when we went outside. There was a small fixture on the wall when we first bought the house and well before our remodeling of the area at which time we added the new lights and a full kitchen – complete with stove, refrigerator, countertops, and a cabinet for storage. We went all the way. We always knew that the old one wasn’t adequate and we had an orange bulb to keep insects away while we dined alfresco. It hardly created the needed ambience. I guess we were waiting for the right moment and would do all the renovations at once.

We had done such a nice job and it was obvious that a final touch was missing. After the new lights glowed in the dark, we stored the tactical flashlights for an emergency. There was no need to get rid of them. We can take them on walks with the dog at night or in the car to look for something lost or forgotten. They no longer have a special use to light our recreation by the pool. The pool itself has a wonderful light at the bottom and some accent lights on poles in strategic spots. They aren’t too bright like those on a football field, just enough to illuminate the area nicely. We can stay out as long as we like, which is around ten during the summer, an hour or so after full darkness. When it gets really dark in late November, we don’t really feel in the mood. We enjoy the yard earlier in the day or evening.

Our lighting system was a custom job put in by a licensed electrician who we found online. He showed us different models with various sizes of ornamental lights. We opted for something medium size—not to large or too small. You can change the bulbs, he said, at holiday time or if you are having a party. They add a lot to a special event. I could have predicted that fact. There is no need to use a dimmer, he added, and it is easy to turn them off and on. I can give you a remote for use by the pool. The kids always enjoy them. I know, he said, as I am a father. My children are about your age. By the way, you have a lovely yard. You did a great job placing the croquet area, the lawn bowling equipment, and the miniature golf hole. I have to give it to you. This is the nicest yard I have seen in the neighborhood. I hope you don’t mind but I am going to steal some of your ideas. Unless you want a freelance job, that is. I laughed.