Covered Outdoor Spaces

I have not exactly embraced the high-tech world although I am conversant with a computer and a smart phone. There is not much else that I get excited about unless my husband and/or kids are into it. It took me forever to operate a TV video game console. Leave it to the little ones to figure it out first. I know that modern man (or woman) can’t live without a hair dryer, electric razor, coffee maker, or toaster oven. Everyone needs stereo speakers, a flat-screen TV and a digital watch. I need a sewing machine that syncs with my computer and a bathroom scale that does the same thing. I guess I am more into electronics than I thought. Even my alarm clock is state of the art.

I have done major work on my patio and yard and to this date, other than a pool heater, I haven’t had to deal with advanced technology. The watering system has a little timer and we have solar panels for electricity. Beyond that, my only adventure into this realm is installing a patio ceiling fan for those balmy nights when you want to manufacture a little breeze. Our outdoor eating area is covered with beautiful lattice work and it was easy to add this electronic marvel to the mix, which consists of a complete kitchen with refrigerator, sink, and top-tier faucet, as well as a new barbecue grill combination. We have what we need to make a fast summer meal. Our lives revolve around handy items which now includes a remote-controlled ceiling fan. We found one in weatherproofed wood in a stain color that perfectly matches the latticework. I pride myself on coordinating everything as a labor of love. I even made new cushions and covers for the patio chairs and lounge. Hence, the mention of the computerized sewing machine.

So what is next that will broach the tech world and make our lives up to date. A garden hose is just a hose. A pool cleaning system is the same as it has always been. They have long had timers. Our miniature golf area are purely manual as is the lawn bowling and croquet sets. Is there anything that I have been missing? The ceiling fan may well be my last venture and it has been well worth it, cooling off the patio nicely at night after the heat buildup of a summer day. The kids know how to turn it on, of course, and adjust the speed of the fans. They can operate the light that comes with it and resides blatantly in the center. It has a dimmer which for them is a no brainer.

Life goes on for the family as we find ways to use the patio and yard in new ways. The kids play water polo and an ad hoc game of volleyball. I love that they enjoy all types of active recreation. Mom has her earphones and music playlist. What more could I want?