Warming Your Pool

Over the years, I have spiffing up my patio and converted the yard to a combination play and green space the family loves. It is a residential custom paradise. There are beds of flowers and a small vegetable garden I enjoy tending with the kids. Who doesn’t love fresh vegetables? Even the kids eat more of them these days. There is something good always in season. Meanwhile they spend weekend time, and much of the weekday afternoons romping with friends and playing lawn bowling or miniature golf. They love to swim and dive and in the summer; the pool is never empty. Come winter, it is another story. Thus, a new addition to the area was called for: a solar generator. If I keep the pool toasty warm, the entire family will swim and soak all year round. I know that I will be in it more often, perhaps listening to my favorite music while floating on a comfy raft. Did I mention that my yard and patio are my private sanctuaries? I can be alone reading on a lounge chair or watching the kids at play. I enjoy all of it: I designed it myself.

The generator will be economical as compared to installing a standard pool heater. These can be quite expensive although they do a good job. The solar version works as well while “generating” a lower monthly utility bill. I know you are thinking that they are prohibitive and what I am I saying here. If you factor in the tax credits and the savings on your income tax, the system pays for itself in no time. Believe me, I looked into it thoroughly before going this route. It had to be money saving to be worth the investment. Plus, it won’t likely need the same amount of repair as a pool heater and will last much longer. In my area, the climate is sunny enough to provide the adequate amount of energy; plus, solar will store any excess. I was thrilled when it was installed, just as I am when I get my electricity bill from the power company. I solved a major problem for my family. They relish a swim most every day, even in winter, if the water is at least tepid. They can turn up the temperature in the small adjacent Jacuzzi and warm up if the air is chilly. I get smiles of appreciation.

I can’t do enough to promote the patio and yard for family recreation. We eat outside all year round since we have a wonderful mini kitchen and ceiling heaters. There is never a bad time to be outside. You have all the comforts of home. The kitchen is perfectly equipped with a self-cleaning oven, a state-of-the-art hot and cold faucet, a water filter, and an under-counter fridge. The combination grill and barbecue is just to the side. If you haven’t worked on your own yard and need help, let me give you some tips. Today it is all about a solar generator. Go for it.