Custom Furniture Covers

I have always loved DIY projects and home crafts like painting and sewing. When I got married and eventually had kids, there was no time at all for such endeavors. I missed my old pastimes and replaced them with reading in a lounge chair by the pool. As my blog readers know, I am super into my revamped patio and backyard. I created a personal oasis and a fantasyland for the kids. They have their choice of swimming in the heated pool (we have a solar generator), playing miniature golf, lawn bowling, or croquet – a new addition. They never need to leave the house on weekends although I don’t mind if they go with friends to the movies or get ice cream. As much as I love watching them frolic, I know they need other types of socialization beyond what they get in school.

Since we spend so much time out there, I also designed a compact patio kitchen next to the barbecue and grill. It comes with a large sink and versatile rotating faucet, an under counter refrigerator, and lots of storage for paper goods. Dinner on the patio is a highlight of summer. We invite guests who change into swimsuits in our twin cabanas—one for men/boys and women/girls. Each is equipped with huge terry towels and other accoutrements. Everyone gets to clean up outside in our beautiful tiled facility under a special deluxe showerhead. It feels cool and refreshing in summer and toasty warm to unthaw the bones in winter. It is a spa treat for sure and one of my better ideas.

I have a new one now that so much has been accomplished. I found some colorful waterproof outdoor fabric and have decided to recover the lounge and matching chairs on the patio. They have served us well and the time has come for replacement to keep up with the quality and newness of everything else. My sewing machine which has a computer inside, can handle thick material and will do quite nicely for whipping up the covers and matching pillows. They will have piping and double seams. I can’t wait to resume this old hobby from so many years ago.

It only took a few minutes for the modern Singer to warm up to its task. I threaded the needle with ease with a hearty kind suitable for upholstering. I never was much of a fashion designer but I can make seat covers and pillows for sure. You measure your chairs and add a few inches for the seams. You make the items inside out leaving a space to sew them up by hand after they are in place. You do piping by inserting it between the seams. You get great results; all it needs is a steady hand. I added cushioning material using plenty of extra to make the cushions comfortable. It is equivalent to down but actually synthetic. It looks and feels very nice. I am proud of my effort and hope the family notices that mom has a different talent.