My One Indoor Luxury

I talk about myself a lot in my blogs and my love for living outside most of the year in the backyard. We are lucky to have a pool, barbecue, a cabana, and outdoor kitchen. It is paradise in one small compact space. I have thought of everything. I can sit out there for hours, do a bit of gardening, take a dip, or prepare a meal for myself or the kids. I have shared their favorite pastimes such as lawn bowling, swimming and pool polo, and miniature golf. They never get bored with so much to do alon4e or with friends. For a small investment, you can entertain guests and family with ease. No wonder the neighbors pop in often. They are told to reach into the fridge and grab any beverage of their choice. There are towels in the cabana in neat stacks. The outdoor shower with deluxe faucet is a real bonus. People like it cold in summer and super-hot in the winter as a spa treatment. You can switch the intensity of the spray with a quick sliding of a lever.

Not surprisingly, as a versatile mom and wife, I have my indoor luxuries. Not it is time to laud my handy husband who has recently installed a bidet system incorporated in the toilet. This is new technology so you don’t have to install a separate unit if you don’t have the space. A few Japanese and American companies offer them for people who want to live with a European flair. A new lifestyle has come to us, one that has existed virtually for a century abroad. It is time we indulged.

My husband had read about the bidet feature on line from a site called Rate My Toilet. There are some you can install with a modern toilet and some hybrids you buy new. He made his selection according to our master bathroom dimensions and boned up on his plumbing skills for the job. It was perfect. We probably have the only system in the neighborhood, but this time I am not going to show it off like I do my outdoor kitchen with all its accoutrements. It is just for my eyes. The kids don’t know what it is and hardly notice the difference in the new toilet. It just has a few extra buttons and knobs for controlling water temperature and amount of spray. The Japanese have been innovators in the new bidet combinations and I thank them for their particular habits. Now, Americans are obsessed with cleanliness as well as the softness of their toilet paper. It is indeed a brave new world of bathroom experiences. As in the commercials on TV, various rubber and plastic toys and fixtures can watch all the goings on. These are among the most hilarious commercials I have seen. Remember the frog paper holder and the alligator toy boat with passenger. “This is no place to raise a child,” the father gator says. Ha!