Pool Luxuries

I am lucky enough to have a nice backyard and it has become a wonderful escape all year round. I have adapted it to the seasons so I can luxuriate in peace in a lounge chair with a glass of iced sweet tea and read a book or listen to music. It is my time alone. It has become the most popular “room” in the house for my husband and the kids as well. Everyone finds something fun to do. It is great to be outdoors and break the boredom of indoor days when you feel so confined. This is particularly on weekends when we don’t have a special project or a place or person to visit. If I hadn’t set up an alternative place, everyone would be glued to their tablets or cell phones. They used to be zombies before I discovered what you can do with a yard. Do you want to know?

Any size space will do whether you have a barbecue, a pool or shed. Everything can be converted to an enchanted wonderland with night lights, easy chairs, lawn bowling or miniature golf. Find out what the kids light and the adults will follow suit. It is all about family recreation and bonding time together. Use a covered patio (or install one) for ultra-sunny, hot days. Read books or indulge in puzzles and board games as you like. Then go for a dip in the pool (in ground or inflated of any size). If you like to have guests, you can get prefab cabanas for people to change in. Keep plenty of towels and sunscreen handy. I also have an outdoor fridge that houses tons of ice, sodas, beer, and white wine. Adult parties are not the norm, but they can happen. I am always ready.

Another pool luxury I have included is a deluxe outdoor shower head for A Great Shower with adjustable sprays. It is so much fun that it doesn’t even matter if someone wants to rinse the chlorine or suntan oil off. Kids love to go under together and continue their pool pranks in another manner. It has been worth its weight in gold. On a hot day, we go for cold or tepid water, and on a cold winter one a nice hot dousing works wonders for tired and aching muscles. If you love the home gym idea, you can of course install one in the den or rec room, but in keeping with my theme today, why not put some equipment outdoors. It can be kept in a shed off season or covered with tarp.

I am sure there are tons of other ideas you can think of for your yard so let me know. Parents need a little help when it comes to converting their space to a virtual playground. Automated patio and pool covers are a new norm as are outdoor bicycles and trampolines. I love that each member of my family can do something different and there is no fighting over one or two items.