Update Your Summer Look

When you practically live in your backyard most of the year, it always feels like summer. In the winter, we have heaters galore. In the summer, we thrive in the sun. The family loves all the recreational options I have set up in and by the pool and on the large patio. There are the usual rafts and water animals and also some games when pool time is over. The kids, and my husband, can chose from the outdoor bicycle and trampoline, or a game of miniature golf or lawn bowling. We have piped in music and night lights for after hours. It is a great place to entertain, eat, and play. There is always food at the ready. The outdoor fridge does its job of housing a variety of kid-friendly beverages. Everyone in the neighborhood wants to come to my house. You can also be the focal point of fun in your area.

I like to blog about ideas for the yard and patio: how to decorate them for many purposes. Today, however since it is summertime, I have a few words for the ladies about pedicures and manicures to keep looking good in your swimsuit. Top it off with a spray or bottle-created tan, and you will look divine. Don’t forget the UV protection so you don’t burn. You can also find some great bronzers that last for a day or two. It is all about updating your summer look in this blog. Check out last year’s suit and see if it still fits. Buy a new cover up that will take you to the ice cream store or supermarket. I like to wear fancy jeweled flip flops to complete the attire. A floppy straw hat will cover any sun-damaged hair.

My favorite pastime, however, is a mani pedi at my local salon. I love the pampering and attention. It is a fun and relaxing experience that you can justify more often in the summer when your feet are usually bare. Who doesn’t enjoy a long soak in lemon-scented water followed by a good buffing and polishing? (Most women need a good callus remover like these for the feet. You can also do it at home with those small battery-operated devices.) In my salon, the hands get rose water which smells great. I usually go for hot pink for everything as it cheers me up and the kids like it. I then let them paint my toes with tiny flowers at home.

A good mani pedi means an expert and intense massage with fragrant lotion. If I have time, I get my shoulders done at the same time. Mom likes to relax! Combine this detail work with a hair blow dry and you are ready for a night out on the town—of course in sandals. I have a few flower print summer dresses that I rotate for a few months. If it starts to get chilly toward fall, I toss on a cotton cardigan.